Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Little Down Today

I am a little down today.  I briefly looked for a new position closer to my husbands work place at the end of last year.  I did get one interview but it was for Title I Reading and it was only a year long position.  I just couldn't possibly be without a job for the following year the way education is right now.  I passed on the position and we decided to wait until after Christmas and I would start applying for jobs again as they come open.  We hope to sell our house next spring and move closer to his work and put the kids in a different school.  Plus I hope to get a rockin' new job that pays so much more than what my pay is now.  Well, yesterday I received an email that a kinder job had opened up at the school where I so want to work and put the kids.  There is no way that my school would let me out of my contract and it would be too hard to move schools at this point.  We start back to work on Monday of next week and kids come on Wednesday.  That said, I am praying that a job opens up next year at this school and I can get my foot in the door.  It would make everyone's life easier and we might all be a little happier!  Pictures of my room to come.....

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