Monday, June 11, 2012


It is summer and we are loving it!  Sleeping a bit later, staying up later, hanging out in pjs all day and having fun is the name of our game.  I'm busy looking for fun activities to use next year.  Looks like I will be in kindergarten again......more to follow on that in a later post. 

I am starting to look for organizational tips that are out there so that I can be even more organized!  My teammates just shake their heads at me when I say my closet is a mess.  I guess I'm the only one who thinks that!  I want to get one of the storage drawer cabinets from Lowe's if it will work in my room.  I'm also thinking about doing notebooks for my themes and files.  That will take several notebooks and page protectors.....maybe they will be cheap at back to school time!!  I'm still debating my monkey theme or going to polka dots.  I really like the polka dot idea but there are several things I'm going to have to remake or purchase.  Hmm......not sure what I will do.  Lots to think about!!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

I'm found!!!

Sorry that I haven't posted in a LONG time!  It's been a crazy few months in kindergarten.  I have been perusing blogs during the break looking for some new fabulous ideas and boy did I find some!  Now if my printer ink will hold out for me to print them.  I'm thinking maybe I will have to go into school a day early and fire up the copier to print out all my goodies.  I'm also considering delving into making some things but I honestly have no idea where to start.  The graphics at Scrappin Doodles are wonderful but I was a little overwhelmed at where to start!  I think I just need to take a bit of time and figure out what I have and what I need to get things going this semester. 

I am really excited about 2012!  There seems to be lots of things in store for my family and hopefully me professionally also.  We plan to move closer to my husbands job this summer and I hope to find a new job at a new district for next year.  It will probably entail me moving to a much larger district so that makes me very nervous!  We will see what happens-I am going to stay optimistic that this is the year for me to make this happen.  I'll keep you posted. 

I'll be back later with some things that we have done since I last posted and some things I plan to do when we return on Wednesday.  Wow-can't believe my vacation is almost over!  So glad that I don't have to go back tomorrow like some of you though.  I'll be thinking of you when I'm still in my jammies in the morning!