Thursday, September 15, 2011

Zero Hero Day!

We had a visit from Super Hero Zero yesterday for day 20.  I can't believe we've made it that far!  We asked our school secretary to be our Zero Hero this year and she does a WONDERFUL job!  The kids love it and are mesmerized by how she really hams it up.  Here are a few pics from her visit.

Super Hero Zero's entrance

Listening and counting to 20 with Zero Hero

She brought a wig so that the kids wouldn't recognize her.  The first time we had a lot of kids say "she's not real." or "that's the principal!" 

Enjoying our Zero snacks- chocolate donuts!

We had a great time learning about 20 yesterday.  We even did the Zero the Hero book that I found by Growing Kinders on TPT.  I am really loving that packet and I made the books that are included.  I would suggest it to anyone! 

I will be back to show you some pictures of our Aa  and Bb week and also some apple activities that we have been doing.  Until next time....


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