Saturday, September 3, 2011

Another Week Down

We made it through another week!  This one was a bit more challenging!  They definitely were testing what I would or wouldn't do as far as correcting behavior.  By mid week I was about to pull out my hair!  I tried to introduce some of the whole brain teaching ideas and so far what I did introduce they have really understood.  I did the class-yes! and we tried the hands and eyes.  I am going to introduce the rules next week along with the scoreboard.  It will take a bit but we will get it I think!  I hope that it makes my life more stress-free. 

We have finished our color unit and we are starting with the alphabet next week.  The letter A is up first.  I'm still trying to find my way with activities for a whole week for each letter.  I don't necessarily like going in alpha order but I don't want to change my way and cause hard feelings already.  Change is hard and that's why some of the same things have been done for years!  I think it's time to break out of that mold.  One thing at a time though! 

We had Open House and I was very sad.  Our parent participation has dropped drastically at school.  I had two families come in this time and only four came into Meet the Teacher night.  Both of my Open House attendees came to Meet the Teacher!  It makes me very sad for the students.  What has our world come to?  Parents just don't understand how important it is to be involved. 

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